Wednesday, 16 August 2017


LastNight YoungLady called me to see the sky. The winds of changes are blowing again like they did on last August. This time the sky seemed to be on fire like someone had plaid a bit with it! It really has started to create us the coming autumn. Officially it still is fortnight left of the summer but you can feel the wind has arrived to change it all.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


 I've been away but not far. I was in Luosto. If you want to travel to Finland and experience silence and nature in quiet and peace away from the most popular targets going to Luosto region on summer time is one good option. It is a ski resort on the wintertime but quite dead what comes to the summer. But they still are there. On the summer season the costs are low, tourists are away and silence is around.

I was there because of LuostoClassic. My DearFriendL invited me to experience the classic music festival in the nature. It is high level event with famous artists but still rural and isolated with small audience compared to other festivals. It is a great experience also to the artists. If you start to plan your trip notice that you need your outdoor clothes despite you'd be in a classic music concert. High heels and evening dresses can be left home. The music itself is the point; not showing your wardrobe around.

We stayed in a cosy log cabin. Staying was cheap compared to peak season prices in Finland. We paid just 56€ per night (breakfast, sheets and cleaning not included).

The cabin was by a lake and very close to the shore. We had our own terrace.

The shore was just few steps far away. It was possible to swim there and the depth of the water was not deep at all.

Also reindeers liked about the place. We saw them on early mornings lurking and hanging around when they thought we were still sleeping.

On the morning time the summit of Ukko-Luosto fell was hiding in the fog.

In Lapland there is not many events going on on the summer time. That makes it to be low budget season but also guarantees you personal peace. If you want just escape it all come to hide in Lapland on the summer season. There are many places for you to hide and experience the nature.

Kairankutsu is a professional guiding business on Luosto area. I participated on one of their route in LuostoClassic and I warmly can recommend their business. Everything is a bit expensive in Finland but by paying to Kairankutsu you will for sure feel it is worth of it. You are in good hands with them.

If you rent a car watch out reindeers. They belong to Lapland... or should I say Lapland belongs to them. They just hang around and may stuck up the traffic. Be patient with them, they are not the most intelligent creatures.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bird No1

I have finished the 1st bird of TheBirdsCollection. I do have Framing tutorial No1 for you. It is how you usually do these things. But this time it turn out a bit disaster so I used another method. I was in the middle of the trouble so I forgot to take pics for you.

For the next bird's framing I will make proper pics for you to complete this alternative framing if you need a bit harder touch on it to get it done.

The result is "ok". The problem I faced was that the canvas was so hard that it didn't want to get fold to A N Y direction. And unfortunately I noticed immediately when started that the frame was a bit too big for the stitching!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I made YellowGardenSachet for another little birthday. It is filled with rose petals like in the tutorial. It is my own design but as you can see; very easy to make your own. I used -again- left over materials. The yellow ribbon is actually from  gift pack. I always save even the ribbons if they are still tidy and proper for card making or sewing.

TheLittleGiftBag is also recycled. I got it with SomeSoap I bought on the last October. You can see the paper bag on the background of the last pic on that blog post. 😊

Most rational stamp I have ever bought is this "Handmade" you see on the home made card. I make MyOwnCards for two resons and they both are good.

1.) You can get very personalized and unique cards by doing them by yourself.

2.) Cards can be relatively expensive around here. 5€ per card is an average  price for folded printed cards. Only Xmas cards you can find on sale like 5 for 1€. When you make your own cards by using imagination and recycled materials you can save a lot of money; not to mention the nature resources.

PS. When you view the web version and click "card making" label on the right you can see many more ideas for card making.

Monday, 7 August 2017


As I've told you before; I inherit a lot of yarn from my granny who passed away on 2010. There was also included few tapestry kits. Also these four birds I found among the yarns. This is how I faced them. She had started bits of them. They are old kits and no any kind of papers were included. Only the printed logo of the company (I assume) on each canvas. They had frames and yarns too but I am excited is there enough yarn for each. They are for about my hand size. This is how I found them; see the pics below.

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